Songs That Fans Wish Macca Was Singing

In Beatlefan #214, Bill King asked readers to send in songs they’d love to hear Paul McCartney do in concert that he’s never performed live before as well as songs he’s done in the past that they’d like to see brought back.

He got quite a few responses. Here’s his report on the songs fans would like Macca to add to his set list …

Beatlefan readers speak out on what songs they'd like to see added to McCartney's set list.

Beatlefan readers speak out on what songs they’d like to see added to McCartney’s set list.

This entire exercise was prompted by Paul McCartney adding a couple of unexpected numbers to his spring/summer set list, “Another Girl” and “Temporary Secretary.” The latter being a relatively obscure tune from his “McCartney II” album, it set me to thinking about what other songs he might revive from that decade, which is a favorite of my wife, Leslie.

As it turned out after I polled Beatlefan readers, “Wanderlust,” one of Leslie’s very favorite Macca songs (from that or any period), appears to be a tune that a lot of fans would like to hear in concert.

Tied with “Wanderlust” atop the list of songs that readers would like to see Paul do live was “Take It Away,” another tune from the same album, “Tug of War,” that he only ever did onstage when making the music video in front of fan club members.

Since “Tug of War” is being reissued Oct. 2 as the latest entry in the McCartney Archive series, fall dates on Macca’s Out There! Tour would be the perfect time to add one or both numbers to his set list!

Just behind those two songs in third place on the reader want list was one of the Beatles tunes Macca’s never done in concert, “Oh! Darling,” though a couple of fans expressed reservations that it might take a toll on Paul’s aging voice. Tied for third was another ‘80s tune, “No More Lonely Nights.”

Tied in fourth place were an early solo hit, “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey,” and one of Macca’s tracks from The Beatles’ White Album, “Rocky Raccoon” (which, as one reader noted, would give him a chance to sing wife Nancy’s name).

And tied for fifth place on the list were a cluster of songs: “Daytime Nightime Suffering” (a personal favorite of mine), “Ballroom Dancing,” “Beautiful Night,” “The World Tonight,” the quirky “Monkberry Moon Delight” and “With a Little Luck.”

Then came another group with slightly less support: “Young Boy,” “No Values,” “Back Seat of My Car,” “Only Love Remains,” “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer,” “Helen Wheels,” “Cafe on the Left Bank” and “Pipes of Peace.”

There are plenty of solo and Beatles songs still to choose from ...

There are plenty of solo and Beatles songs still to choose from …

Other tunes mentioned: “Summer of 59,” “Big Boys Bickering,” “Waterfalls,” “Warm and Beautiful,” “Little Willow,” “Tomorrow,” “Manunia,” “Girls School,” “I’m Carrying,” “I Can Bet,” “Angry,” “Stranglehold,” “Tug of War,” “Spies Like Us,” “Teddy Boy,” “Big Barn Bed,” “Through Our Love,” “Press,” “On the Wings of a Nightingale” (a song Paul wrote for the Everly Brothers), ”Dear Boy,´Oh Woman Oh Why,” “So Glad to See You Here,” “One of These Days,” “Move Over Busker,” “That Day Is Done,” “Get on the Right Thing,” :Heart of the Country,” “Back on My Feet,”  “Friends to Go,” “I’ll Be on My Way” and ”Tell Me What You See.”

Among songs that McCartney has done before in concert that people would like to hear again, the unchallenged leader was “Goodnight Tonight” from Wings’ 1979 U.K. tour.

Tied for second place among would-be returnees were “My Brave Face” (another personal fave of mine), “Getting Closer” and the Beatles tune “She’s a Woman” (done on his 2004 European tour).

What surprises might lurk on the fall Out There! set list?

What surprises might lurk on the fall Out There! set list?

Also drawing some support: “Silly Love Songs” (a highlight of the 1976 Wings Over America tour), “Old Siam Sir” (also from the final Wings tour) and “Figure of Eight,” the ballsy choice of show-opener on Macca’s 1989-90 comeback tour.

Others receiving mention include “Come and Get It” (which was briefly in the set list in 2011 and would be a timely addition this fall with the release of Paul’s Hollywood Vampires rendition of the tune he wrote for Badfinger), “I’ve Had Enough,” “Too Many People/She Came in Through the Bathroom Window” (as done in the 2005 set list that many consider Paul’s finest), “Fool on the Hill,” “For No One,” “Things We Said Today,” “Getting Better,” “Biker Like an Icon,” “Put It There,” “Coming Up,” :Bluebird,” “We Got Married,” “C’mon People,” “Lonely Road,” “Only Mama Knows,” “House of Wax,” “Hope of Deliverance” (which still shows up sometimes, mainly on Latin American dates) and “Fine Line.”

Are there other solo or Beatle favorites of yours that you’d like to hear McCartney perform in concert? Feel free to share them in the comments.

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30 Responses to Songs That Fans Wish Macca Was Singing

  1. Abbyrode says:

    Something from Chaos and Creation In The Bacyard- Anyway, Riding to Vanity fair, Jenny Wren. How Kind of you.

  2. Howie says:

    I would love to see McCartney change his setlists to play nearly all of those obscure and gorgeous songs we’ve been blessed to have for all these years. But the truth is — and this is the REAL truth — he doesn’t remember those songs and can’t SING them. Forget “Come And Get It” – which was horrible a few years ago — do people actually think he’s capable of singing “Old Siam Sir”???? He’s going to sing “Dear Boy” — or “Oh Woman, Oh Why”???????? Wow. . . It’s a cute exercise, but ridiculous. He VOMITTED his way through “Maybe I’m Amazed” on SNL. That was Elvis in Omaha for me. It was a grotesque moment to see that backdrop footage of him young, and viral, and beautiful and STILL IN IT and that burp of a vocal. (He had a cold right???? It was the second show of the week, right???)

    He should drop the keys to everything he plays — as Billy Joel has done to great effect — and he should scale down his show to having only to do with MUSIC — as Paul Simon has done. Actually perform music in places where music should exist. No more hockey rinks. No more fields. No more matador Shea jackets. No more screens. It’s time for theaters and concert halls with truly great players. It’s time to sit down and sing songs that make sense in keys that make sense.

    That should be the next poll: “What MUSIC venue should Paul McCartney perform at?”


    • Ron Rodriguez says:

      As a long time fan and having seen Paul live since 1992 or so… I have heard the voice age and I could swear he had an operation that for a time tightened his vocal cords circa 1990s. I agree with you it would be best to bring it down a key. I’d even say yes to gray hair!

  3. Mike says:

    He did drop the key for Lovely Rita from E to D

  4. Clint Ard says:

    I want him to play the entire “Band on the Run” album from beginning to end (with “Helen Wheels” included of course).

  5. mike oliva says:

    There is no way can he do “Oh Darling”! Like you mentioned “Maybe I’m Amazed” was cringe awful on SNL!

  6. bu castro says:

    Paul hasn’t sang any these Fab songs that he mostly composed, arranged in the sequence of my personal preference : Oh Darling! (in your list, and I think he can still do that), Why Don’t We Do It In The Road, Rocky Raccoon (in your list, this would be a cinch for Paul), Honey Pie, Hold me Tight, What You’re Doing, Tell me What You See (in your list), Her Majesty and Wild Honey Pie. I hope he gets to perform all of these, just to complete his Beatles/McCartney Canon. For his post-Beatles songs, I’m afraid he has to sing until he’s 85 or 90 before he can possibly cover his solo works (maybe even less than half).

    • Brett Alan says:

      FWIW, he did “Her Majesty” one time, at the “Party At The Palace” concert for the Queen in 2002. See On the other hand, I don’t think he’s played “When I’m Sixty-Four”–I think we all expected him to play it when he WAS 64, but for whatever reason, he didn’t. (OK, they might have done an early version of it at the Cavern at some point.)

      Personally I’d much rather her him do something from Back To The Egg or some more 80s stuff than get to every last Beatles song he wrote. “Wanderlust” and “Daytime Nighttime Suffering”, among the top vote-getters here, would be particularly outstanding choices. And it amazes me that he’s never done “Pipes Of Peace”–not an A-side in the US, but a big hit in a lot of places. I’d love to hear “The Back Seat Of My Car”, “Move Over Busker”, or “Back On My Feet” (OK, that’s a REALLY obscure one!) too.

  7. Ernest says:

    How about “However absurd”?

    • Matt says:

      Creepy lyrics, and one of Paul’s most haunting melodies, in my opinion. Glad to see I’m not the only who likes that song

  8. Ram says:

    I just love I Will from The White Album, & She’s Leaving Home, Uncle Albert,from Ram,Bluebird is great from Band on the Run, & I would just love So Bad, from Pipes of Peace!

  9. Rogo says:

    It’s as if “She Loves You” and ” I Want to Hold Your Hand” never existed? Why is this?

  10. Linda Romanello says:

    Radio City Music hall would be a great venue. All of those songs mentioned here would be great instead of his tired set list.Take care of your voice Paul Don’t strain it when you don’t have to.

  11. Eric from Amsterdam says:

    I completely agree with Howie’s comment. I’m a big Beatles and McCartney fan, but when he did two shows in Amsterdam this spring I passed. Is there no one around Paul that could tell him that he’s getting too old for these big shows? When I last saw him in concert (2003) I thought the acoustic set was the best part of the show. So that is the way to go.

  12. P J says:

    “Through Our Love”, “Footprints”, “It’s Not True – acoustic”, “Flying To My Home”, “Spies Like Us”, would all be nice to hear in concert from Paul….Instead of playing “Something” as a tribute to George how about “Long Long Long” instead?

  13. Elisia says:

    “Fine line”, “Love come tumbling down”, “She’s leaving home”, “Friends to go”, “In spite of all the danger”, “bluebird” and “Mamunia”

  14. Diane Merriam says:

    Ok here I go with my favorite songs that haven’t been recent played.
    Put It There, This One, Every Night only heard once played on his regular show..
    Flaming Pie.
    My one favorite has all ways been Get Back and he didn’t play at all this year.
    I forgot a few Helen on Wheels and Follow Me…only heard the last one once…..
    Love you forever and forever love with all heart.
    Miss you and never stop seeing in person…I hope….

  15. Luca says:

    Howie is right. Unfortunately, years has passed but it seems that Paul is not taking it in consideration. Maybe he’ll do a special show with “obscure” songs but what’s the point? I’m a huge McCartney fan but I can hardly imagine him doing ‘Monkberry Moon Delight’ or even ‘Wanderlust’ in a proper way. He MUST drop the key of the songs. He did it in 2005 on some songs, like ‘For No-One’ and ‘Fixing a Hole’. The volume at the concert is too loud and no-one (nearly) gets that the quaity of his singing .- although Paul is to be considered one of the most incredible singers of all times – is not acceptable on many songs. Anyway, I will accept with pleasure if he did some changes to the setlist…along with changing the key 🙂

  16. An acoustic version of “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey,” with Paul doing a lot of the sound effects with his voice (he could do it), would be great. I’d love to see Paul do an acoustic tour of smaller venues, playing a lot of “odd” selections.

  17. Carlos says:

    Best friend,,thank you darling, somedays, one and one is two, spies like us, a love for you, hold me tight, wait..for no one

  18. Robert Spinello says:

    Monkberry Moon Delight, Too Many People,

    • There is absolutely no way that he could sing Monkberry Moon Delght without it sounding ‘shouty’. In spite of that it is the shouty songs that he tackles the best. The quieter ones are disastrous at times. For several years now his voice has been deteriorating. It started when he began to sound generic. All the character and subtlety from what was once one of the most versatile voices in rock had been lost and now sounded like a so so singer. Paul could vary his voice dramatically from song to song but not any more. He is a poor singer nowadays, struggling to hit and hold a note. It is painful! Beatles tribute artists sound more like Paul McCartney than the man himself. The last time I saw him live was around 1999 and it was like listening to The Beatles. It was a magical experience. Indeed, even now it is a magical experience to see him live and he knows this and this is how he gets away with wrecking the songs he wrote and once performed brilliantly. A McCartney concert is a spectacle and he is making a spectacle of himself. It reminds me of Muhammed Ali’s final comeback. It was fantastic to see him in the ring but depressing to see him unable to box like the genius he once was. I think the comparison is clear.

  19. drew meador says:

    to the best ever, please drop the keys, do fewer and smaller concerts, focus more on writing
    your music thats you not the latest fad or experiment, Paul i pray for you every day, and hope
    you don’t go the route of elvis, step up nancy.

  20. Uliana says:

    Hi, I’m Uliana and I love Paul! Wish he would play some old rock’n’rolls, like from CHOBA B CCCP or Run Devil Run. Things like No Other Baby, Midnight Special, Run Devil Run, Twenty Flight Rock… Uhm, Lucille or Long Tall Sally will be perfect, but I’m afraid of his ageing voice, so… Songs I’ve find in this article were great! Good luck to you all!

  21. Steve says:

    It’s strange, the vocal on SNL was REALLY off, then I see him in Philly this past May and it’s like 2005 again, he sounded great. Pick up the the Boot DVD of the Budokan show from April 28th and he sounds revitalized. I’m wondering if that stay in the Japan hospital was more than “exhaustion”, did he have some kind of medical treatment/operation for his voice, since he’s rested and come back he sounds really good again. As for Songs I’d like to hear: “Ballroom Dancing” “My Brave Face”, “Helen Wheels”, “Smile Away” and from the Beatles cannon why doesn’t he do “She Loves You” and “I Want To Hold Your Hand” ? The audience reaction would be immense.

  22. Jeremy P says:

    So many from the 80’s to present to name….”Take It Away”, “No More Lonely Nights”, “Stranglehold”, etc. also some 80’s to bring back like “Figure of Eight” and “Put it There” and that is only 1 decade of his 6 decade career!

  23. Niels Chr. Bie says:

    He should do Rinse The Raindrops with a lot of improvisation in it

  24. Joseph D'Alessio says:

    Paul Please ad to your song set I Want To Hold Your Hand and She Loves You PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Thank You

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