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  1. Steve says:


  2. Arron Parker says:


    I am a student from the University of Northampton, UK.

    I am currently in the middle of writing my dissertation about the role the press has to play in promoting or merely reporting major pop bands, with the focus on The Beatles.

    Being a student I have some knowledge on the band but not too much, I was wondering whether someone who contributes to the blog would mind taking some time out and having a chat with me?

    I basically want to learn as much as I can about the band and the way they were reported in the press in the 1960’s.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


  3. Jerry Hammack says:

    Hi Bill – can you provide me with a contact email address to send you some upcoming Beatles-related news to that might be of interest to your blog readers? Thanks in advance. – J

  4. Ismael Prado says:

    Hello !!!

  5. Wings was McCartney. McCartney was a Beatle. I stick with what I said about Badfinger.

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