What we’re hearing about ‘Abbey Road’

Unconfirmed details of the upcoming 50th anniversary “Abbey Road” set are showing up on social media. Here, from a knowledgeable source in direct contact with Apple Corps, is what Beatlefan has heard: 

At this time, the “Abbey Road” 50th anniversary set is 3 cds and a Blu-ray. The first disc is the remix, the second CD is alternate versions in order (with “Her Majesty” in its original spot) and a third disc of tidbits and associated songs from the time period.

Our source heard the first run-thru of “I Want You” from Feb. 15, 1969, at Trident Studios and said it was “haunting.” The 5.1 surround mix has the “Because” vocals-only, as well as the separated vocals from “Come Together” (which finally settle that is is indeed Paul on backing vocals).

For the book, Paul has contributed 80 “never before seen” photos by Linda from the studio sessions, and Kevin Howlett has done the majority of the writing.

At this point, both Paul and Ringo are due to attend the Aug. 28 unveiling of the album at Abbey Road’s Studio 2 in London.

UPDATE: The set is due for release Sept. 27. Full details on the Beatlefan Facebook page and in Beatlefan #239.  The gathering in London appears to be set for Sept. 26. At Ringo’s birthday gathering, he said of the 50th anniveray reissue: “We’re going to promote it, of course. I have heard it, the remaster, and it’s great. And we’re having like a get-together, or I’m going to a get-together at EMI in England, in Abbey Road. I think it’s the 26th of September, so if you’re not busy get over there.”

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3 Responses to What we’re hearing about ‘Abbey Road’

  1. Frank V Boss says:

    I have been on the Abbey Road in 2011. What a experience with my wife and me.

  2. Laura garrett says:

    I’m forever grateful I got to cross Abbey a Road before they tore it up and repacked it

  3. Jim Campbell says:

    1971, Lancashire v Sussex at Lords, dad got 2 tickets,so we drove down to St Johns wood and parked the car about 20 yards from the zebra crossing. He was unsure why i insisted we walk back to the zebra , but im glad he did. You could never do that now.

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