Exclusive Report: White Album 50th Anniversary Reissue Details!

A report on what the upcoming 50th anniversary White Album reissue …

Two media listening parties for the 50th anniversary reissue of The Beatles’ White Album are set for Sept. 26 in New York City. And sources tell Beatlefan that the various configurations of the White Album reissues look like this:

  • A 4-LP set (2 discs of the new stereo remix + 2 discs of Esher demos)
  • A 3-CD set (same material as above). Apparently two of the CDs are the new remix and the third CD is the Esher demos.
  • And a Super Deluxe CD Box (3 CDs as above + 3 CDs of outtakes). Plus the box will include a Blu-ray disc that will be audio only. There will be no video.

The outtakes include “Hey Jude,” “Revolution,” “Inner Light,” “Across the Universe,” “Lady Madonna,” and nonalbum tracks/jams/improvisations. Of the latter, Beatlefan has been told that at least a couple are previously unknown. There also are some rehearsals.

Included will be the 12-minute version of “Helter Skelter” that previously was boiled down to about 5 minutes for the “Anthology,” but the legendary 27-minute version of “Helter Skelter” will NOT be included.

We’re told that the new remix of the album by Giles Martin has “incredible clarity and more bass and drums present.”

An official announcement of the releases is expected soon. The release date is expected to be Nov. 9.

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14 Responses to Exclusive Report: White Album 50th Anniversary Reissue Details!

  1. Otto Olivera says:

    Hurray! I made my mom drive me to a record store here in Austin on the day The White Album was released, after my 9th grade classes were over, when I was 14. I’ll definitely order the new Super Deluxe Box, with 6 CDs and 1 Audio Blu-ray Disc, before its release 50 years later!

  2. James Byrnes says:

    They better make sure they put the lyric poster and the classic portraits that came with the original release.

  3. PAUL DEAN says:

    Bought Mine in !968 on 22 nd November @ 9.00 a.m – from Brian Epstein’s NEMS store in Liverpool . – after bunking off school for the day !

  4. Eddie says:

    I love the beatles

  5. sjdrifter72 says:

    I’m devastated. Just like the omission of Carnival of Light on the Sgt Pepper set, the fact that the full 27 minute version of Helter Skelter won’t be included really jeopardizes the chances of me purchasing this set. I also get the feeling that Paul’s demo of Etcetera won’t be included as well, so we’ll most likely never get to hear it in our lifetime.

  6. I am so excited about this! And although I am definitely not complaining, what are the odds now of the 27 minute Helter Skelter ever being released?

  7. Jack says:

    They’re a good band, those Beatles

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