The Beatles’ ‘Revolver’: Inside the Cover Collage

rev cover

Beatlefan #221 includes a special section devoted to the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ “Revolver” album, including a look at how the cover, designed by the Fabs’ old pal Klaus Voormann, came to be. Originally presented here was a companion piece by that article’s authors, Piet Schreuders and Ken Orth, looking at where the various parts of the cover collage originated. It has, however, been removed at the request of Piet Schreuders, who did not want the article to appear online. We hope those who got to read it while it was available enjoyed it. 


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6 Responses to The Beatles’ ‘Revolver’: Inside the Cover Collage

  1. gringo557 says:

    There are two “Paul on the toilet” photographs. The one you used in the article and the other one is in the White Album poster (he’s actually standing naked above the toilet). 🙂

  2. Paul C. says:

    Does anyone know if the original collage survives somewhere?

  3. WINGSJER says:

    Klaus was a great guest 2 weeks ago at the Chicago Fest. You can see he is slowing down but still sharp as a tack!

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